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I don't know how to say this, so I'll just get to the point:

After nearly four years, I don't have the time or the dedication to keep alive. While I still have a certain interest in the KakaIru fandom, fanfiction-wise, I think my time in the scanlation business is over. I's time for me to move on. *nods*

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to my scanlating teams, my darling

I'm sorry I didn't discuss with you guys beforehand, but it was a snap decision and one I had to make soon before Yahoo!Business billed me for another month (which, huh, I can't afford right now).

Of course, since I made the decision so suddenly, it seemed only fair that I provide a back-up of all the files I had been hosting at, so I took it upon myself to upload all 300mb to rapidshare/megaupload, in three files.

File part 1

File part 2

File part 3

Please let me know if there's any problem: I have all the files saved to my hard disks, so I can upload them at any time. I'll still be around, and I'll still be writing fanfiction and generally making a nuisance of myself around these parts.

Also, *grins* since my rule as FD's evil overlord is officially over, feel free to pass FD's scans along as you wish. I don't know yet what Kaminari's official stance on distribution will be, so please wait for their consent before you do anything with their work. 

Thank you for your understanding! :)

EDIT: Okay, so clearly Rapidshare is a bunch of crap. I'm uploading the other files via megaupload right now, sorry about that folks!

EDIT2: Here are the new links....

File part 1

File part 2



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